Title: The Rape of Nanking
Materials: digital printing and paper-cutting
Dimensions: 28 inch x 89 inch
Year: 2007

In The Rape of Nanking I have created a personal narrative while simultaneously addressed the broader theme of the impact of war. As its title suggests, this work is based on the historical event known as the Nanking Massacre. After the Japanese Imperial Army conquered Nanjing (Nanking), China on December 13, 1937, they proceeded to massacre close to a quarter of a million people. When I saw a picture of children being killed by Japanese soldiers during World War II, I immediately thought of my own son and the loss of generations of children. As an anti-war statement, I cut the profile of an 84 year-old Chinese woman from paper printed with war images. For me, the woman represents the survivors of Japanese atrocities, many of whom were forced to speak the invaders' language to survive.

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